Best way to advertise my bike?

Oct 15, 2016
Choosing the right channel will increase your success rate when selling your motorbike. And if you'r reading this article, you have started at the right lane! Afterall, you woudn't look to buy tyres on a donut shop, would you?

In times where internet is king, more than ever information has been available and easily accessible on a large scale. So let's make the most of it and add as much information as possible when advertising your bike.

It's a fact, we shop with our eyes. And touch can possibly be the second most active sense when shopping, but online, it's just not there. So pictures have to cover two of the shopper's senses at once: sight and touch. Good pictures and clear information are key elements to make your ad stand out.
  • Prepare your bike: get your bucket out and give it a good scrub! It will make it look presentable and well cared for. Why not run a quick check to make sure everything is working as it should before a potential buyer turns up? Lights, horn, tyre pressure, brakes...
  • Choose a photoshoot location: a clean wall or an empty road will do. You don't need a professional camera or studio. Avoid a busy scenario with many vehicles around or your cluttered garage. Your bike is the star of the show, and you want all the attention to be on her.
  • Cover all angles: more pictures = more information. Shoot both sides, front and back, and close ups of the fuel tank, handlebars, dash panel, wheels and exhaust.
  • Get your information together: be clear on your description, point out the good points and also any known defects / blemishes. It will save you time and people's disappointments when seeing your bike and only genuinely interested people will turn up.
And these are hot pieces of information that you shouldn't forget when writing your ad: how many previous owners? What's the mileage? Has it got service history? When does the MOT expire? Has it got a spare key and owner's manual?

Now log in on, create your ad and good luck with your sale! And please check out our tips on how to stay safe selling your bike!
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